Helpful Hints for Saving Energy

Hint # 1
The easiest way to save electricity in the home is to replace all of your old Thomas Edison bulbs with the new Compact Florescent Light-bulbs. They use about 78% less electricity without sacrificing any Lumens (measurement of light output).

Hint # 2
If your computer isn't completing any overnight maintenance tasks then it's best to turn it off. Better yet, enable the Standby or Sleep Mode, as recommended by Energy Star. It will help ensure that the computer uses as little energy as needed.

Hint # 3
Are you planning on making the transition from an old tube-televisions to the newer LCD HDTV's. They use way less energy and some even come equipped with Energy Star standards. Plasma TV's have their benefits but they suck up allot of electricity. They are getting temptingly cheaper but they will soon be phased out by the LCD.

Hint # 4
The fridge and freezer are the most energy consuming appliances we have in our homes. They are on 24/7 non stop. Some are more efficient than others and they need to work hard to keep your food cold. Buy the best rated energy-efficient fridge on the market within your budget. If you insist on using a deep freezer, pick a size that suits your needs. Opt for the basement or garage where it is already cooler. That way the freezer won't have to work extra hard.

Hint # 5
Air-conditioners love to suck electricity. Acting on the same principles as a fridge and freezer these things are on 24/7 during those warm days. If at all possible avoid using them by finding other ways to stay cool. Plan to spend the day at the mall or see a movie at the theater during the peak sun times. Leave your blinds shut during the day and leave the windows open at night to let in a nice cool breeze.

Hint # 6
Electrical vampires are little devices that use electricity merely by being plugged into the wall. This could be a phone charger, entertainment system, stereo... basically everything else. Purchase power-bars with timers settings on them. Plug your TV, Stereo, DVD player, XBOX, Wii, everything to it. So when the timer turns the power-bar off you'll be certain no juice if flowing into your expensive electronic equipment.